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Just say NO to ketchup!!

Tallywaggers Barbeque Sauce
Tallywaggers Barbeque Sauce
Voted Best in New England!

Brought to you by the same family name that invented the World Famous Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce!

Great Taste without burning your lips off!!
This is “The Best Barbeque Sauce in New England”(!!) as judged in Massachusetts at the Annual State Pig and Pepper Barbeque Harvest Festival. Since 1995, TALLYWAGGERS Barbeque Sauce is made with natural ingredients without artificial preservatives and some of the best spices that can be found worldwide.

Many have said TALLYWAGGERS  Barbeque Sauce is simply “The Best”.

TALLYWAGGERS Barbeue Sauce is made with a combination of NINE different peppers and combined with a secret blend of exotic spices that give TALLYWAGGERS Barbeque Sauce that great taste without burning your lips off.

TALLYWAGGERS  Barbeque Sauce has just enough body and zip to be perfect with pork, beef, fish, shrimp, veggies, chicken, fries, potatoes, eggs, yes! for breakfast, pizza, and, well, others have said TALLYWAGGERS Barbeque Sauce is great on just about everything. TALLYWAGGERS  Barbeque sauce is equally good as a marinade, basting sauce, or finishing sauce.
For more information or to order email:  tallywaggers@gmail.com


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