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Great Taste 
without burning your lips off!!

Tallywaggers Barbeque Sauce
Tallywaggers Barbeque Sauce
Just Say No to Ketchup!!!
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Tallywaggers BBQ Sauce

Great Taste without burning your lips off!  Kathy E.- 1999

John, you taught us a bunch about brisket, and introduced us to Tallywaggers.  Though we have taken forever to get back to you, we’re hooked - there’s nothing like it.  We would like to order a case.  Denman J. - 2007 after a BBQ demonstration at the 'Uncle Whimpy James' house.

My son is addicted to it!
Annie W. 1998

Oh My God! Have you tried it on . . . . anonymous - all the time

Can I buy this stuff by the gallon?
Maurice B. 2001

I need a case for Christmas presents. I want to make sure everyone I know gets some
Geoff G. 1999

My father in Florida uses it on everything!
Scott B. 2002

SOS* note from Brackett’s Market.

* Send Over Sauce, meaning we’re out!
Kim B - 2000

I spent six months in Australia without Tallywaggers and all I can say is I am glad to have it back!
Lindsay M. - 2002

Maxim’s Alternative Energy Sauce (Tallywaggers) was recently described in Maxim Magazine as Maxim’s first choice in Barbecue Sauce. a nice kick to spice up everything from pork and chicken to shrimp and eggs -
MAXIM Magazine - November 2002

Scoitty - January 2003

"I’ll take 4 of the regular, because I’m definitely not a wimp, and if I was I’d change my ways to avoid disappointing my future father in law.  You can’t be a wimp here in the World’s Finest 1st Marine Division.  The Wimpy was just for me to bring to a few fine dining establishments to show them what they’re missing."  from a Marine Corporal who wanted to date my daughter, but in reality, never met her. Sept 2003
"What is the easiest way for a Marine to score some world famous Tallywaggers barbecue sauce?  I’m out on the west coast dying for some New England goodness.  Please help!!"  from another Marine!  January 2004
"This guy could have a death grip on the barbeque sauce industry.  Who needs KC Masterpiece Lays if you can get Tallywaggers Lays" and”Bulls-eye?  Is that a barbeque sauce?  Who would want to eat a Bulls eye anyways?  This guy has a real chance!”  -Cpl Travis S. O’Neill, Iraq - January 2004
"Is it normal to consume over a bottle of Tallywaggers a month?   Almost ready for more."
from another Marine, or maybe the same one that was trying to impress my daughter.  I told him that no Marine that I know could make a bottle last that long!  March 2004

Allison says:
"I purchased a bottle of his delectable  barbecue sauce and over a three week period, managed to drink the  entire thing... It makes for a great beverage. I must come back for more.
Seriously, his sauce is excellent and I didn’t drink the entire bottle.  My son took a few sips as well."
  2005 - Allison
I’ll take a gallon and try it on the ribs.  2005 - Proprietor of a famous BBQ destination located in the BBQ Capital of the World on Rt. One, Woolwich, Maine.

John, I’ll take another gallon.  Proprietor of a famous BBQ destination located in the BBQ Capital of the World on Rt. One, Woolwich, Maine.

John, can you send over another! 2006 Mark, President of a famous BBQ destination (OldeKennebec Cood Cookery) located in the BBQ Capital of the World on Rt. One, Woolwich, Maine.

John, can you get a case down here in Pennsylvania by Tuesday?  Tom O. in Bridgeville.  2006

John, this stuff if flying off the shelf.  Can you send over a couple more cases!  Steve at Brackett’s Market in Bath on Christmas Weekend 2006.

Kate in Freeport says:  Thank you for making Tallywaggers. You are a genius. We love, love, love it!  We buy it here in Freeport at the Bow St Market. What do I put Tallywaggers on?  Everything. A spoon.  May 2013

Summer in Stratton says:    Thanks John, everyone loves it, no problem at all!

John, can you send over two more cases?  Jim at Bow Street Market.

For more information or to order email:   tallywaggers@gmail.com